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Confined overflow. Guided chaos. The Golden Rule: Aesthetic Before All. Seventy-one point four gigs of music, set to random. We can find our greatest strengths in the place we display our weakness. We make the most sense when we embrace randomness. The subconscious leaking through provides a narrative channel for the overflow. Each subconscious ideology will become a single part of a greater whole. Personality is created from aesthetic bias, narcissism, and buried emotions. 
    Normandy. Burgundy. Dry toast. Burnt eggs and espionage. Morgan Freeman in Carhartts. Thick woolen socks. Medical Mechanica meets Wolfgang Puck. Tattooed America makes for hullabaloo. Existentialism versus religious continuity. WHY DON’T YOU JUST MAKE SENSE ALREADY? I’m going to stab you in the eye with a fork, Applesauce. This is fast becoming a journal. Thought vomit? There’s plenty of that in here, but where is the line between controlling one’s thoughts and insanity? As a child I asked too many questions but now, I seem only to think them. Like too many biscuit crumbs. THAT’S HOW WE GET ANTS. 
    And furthermore Susan, I don't give a damn. Norwegian horned antelope can go fuck THEMSELVES for a change because I, for one, am through with it. Theresa has jaws like an eel you know, but does she do anything productive with them? Hell no she doesn't, and where does that leave you? Line dancing with dental floss when what you really need is a decent length of nylon rope, that's where. Christ, half the men in town have fucked a donkey at least once in their life, but suddenly they're all a bunch of prudes! 
    Tales of being a monster: The robot just couldn’t figure out the whole “emotions” thing, so for now it disregards them and continues through its predetermined life cycle, wondering vaguely what was missing. The lines between reality and virtual fantasy have blurred; the monster gropes its way along a path that it can no longer see clearly. What will become of our hero/villain???
    Things are happening now… Tell me a story. Don’t forget the character development. Stacks and stacks and stacks and texture. Be naught but a channel for the overflow. Ambiguity at its most specific. Show it without pointing anything out. Free flow narrative direction. Subconscious Egesta.

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